Unique Shaped Medals
Starting at $5.00 each

Simple Shaped Medals
Starting at $4
.00 each

Wooden medals custom made from your design
or from custom artwork we create for your project.

Medals can be ordered in simple shapes or cut out in a unique shape.

Medals are approximately 3-inches in diameter with some variation by shape.
Larger medals may be ordered at additional cost.

Price includes engraving on both sides. One side can have varied engraving.

Price includes neck ribbons in the color(s) of your choice.
We have a variety of colors & color combinations available.
You may order more than one color ribbon for your medals
(ex. blue for 1st place, red for 2nd & white for 3rd.)

Medals can be natural wood color or can have paint added to portions or to entire sides.
Paint is added to medals by hand.
Painted medals are $1 more per medal per color or section
Please feel free to call or message us with questions about painted medals.

There is a $25 set up fee on each order and a minimum $25 design fee if custom
artwork is required.
Your order will not be filled unless the set up fee is paid.

Due to natural variations in the wood, each medal has a unique look and medallions from
the same batch will vary slightly in appearance.
I make these custom awards in my basement workshop in Warren Center, PA.
Custom Wooden Medals/Medallions
Simple and Complex Shapes
Woodland Art by Chris Terwilliger
Wooden Medallions for Awards, Commemorative Gifts & More!
Woodland Art
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Warren Center, PA  18851
Email: woodlandart@tspt.biz
Phone/Text: 607-857-0814
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$25 Set Up Fee
One Time per Design

$25 Design Fee

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Portrait Medals
$90.00 (includes set up fee)